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Replacing Carpet With Laminate Flooring

As an experienced flooring installer, I consider laminate flooring as one of the favorites in the flooring type we have. It is cost-effective, attractive, and versatile, making it the appropriate flooring choice for a home.

That is why many people choose from the many types of laminate flooring available when updating the flooring they currently have. A trend that has been noticed by us is that people replace the worn-out and old carpets in their living areas with laminate floors that are more durable. The steps that need to be taken to update your carpet floor with laminate are simple and easy to follow.

Laminate flooring can be laid straight over existing flooring, and this is one of the benefits of this flooring. As a rule of thumb, the floor must be smooth and level, and this, unfortunately, does not hold suitable for carpets. This then means that you need to take steps to remove the carpet before you take up the laminate floor.

Removing the carpet is easy. Put on the required protective gear, like a respirator mask and gloves, so you do not breathe in too much dust, and your hands are protected.

What you need is a utility knife, a wrecking bar, or a screwdriver with a flathead, pliers, and someone who can help you with any required heavy lifting.

The Steps:

Cut a strip out of the carpet using the utility knife. This strip must be 1m long and 4cm wide and must be from one corner of the rug.
Use the wrecking bar or the flathead screwdriver to pry this strip off the tracks that are underneath.

Once you can reach under the carpet, pull up that corner, follow it around the edge, and roll it to the room center. You can remove the rug once you have pulled it up, but you may need the help of a friend or two to help you in carrying the heavy carpet out of the room. Mats can be deceptively heavy.

Now that the carpet is out of the room, it is now time to tackle the underlay. Follow the same process that you followed for the carpet, pulling up the underlay and rolling it to the middle of the room. You will again need help to carry out the underlay that you have removed.
The next step of removing the carpet gripper is the hardest part, and you will need the help of your screwdriver for this. It would help if you now prepared the floor for the laminate, and we will give you a simple guide for doing this. Now that the sub level has been adequately prepared, it is time to install the stunning laminate you have chosen or get one of the flooring contractor that can do a great job to do the job for you.

Follow this simple method, and in no time, you will bid goodbye to that old and worn carpet and enjoy the new laminate that has replaced it.