Reasons For Considering Laminate Flooring Over Hardwood Floors

The aesthetics of hardwood floors are why many homeowners prefer them when flooring their houses. Hardwood flooring adds a unique quality and value to a home while giving it a modern, refined look. The flooring is made from real hardwood and can last for years and retain its gorgeous appearance when given the right care and maintenance. However, hardwood floors can be costly. So what options are there for people that love giving their house that authentic wood appearance but running on a tight budget? The answer is – laminate Flooring. It closely resembles hardwood floors and offers the following noteworthy benefits.

Laminate flooring costs less compared to its hardwood counterpart. It is made from composite wood, compressed at high temperatures before an overlay mimicking hardwood is applied on the top surface. That is why the laminate flooring closely resembles hardwood floors, offering the same aesthetics but at a fraction of the cost. Quality laminate costs roughly three dollars per square foot, while hardwood can be as much as five dollars per square foot or higher, and the lower end maple, ash, and oak options are priced slightly above three dollars. Furthermore, laminate flooring installation costs about half that of hardwood floors. Overall, laminate is the way to go if your budget is tight and you wish to give your home that authentic wooden flooring appearance.

Ease Of Install
Consider going the laminate way if you plan to cut costs by doing the installation yourself. The laminate floors are easy to install since you need a few tools and quality glue. Moreover, many of the options available are materials (modular pieces) designed to snap together, thus eliminating the need to hire a professional. Many homeowners face significant challenges with hardwood floors. They need special tools like a floor stapler and staples coupled with the need to know the recommended installation techniques, all of which are a learning curve to surmount before doing things yourself.

• More Suitable Environments
You can install laminate floors in including the partially moist ones like the kitchens and bathrooms, where hardwood floors are not recommendable. The wet conditions in such rooms will cause the wood to crack, warp, or rot. You also could find some laminate flooring that can be installed below grade in the basement. Therefore, laminate offers you the flexibility you seek when searching for flooring options that can withstand moisture and wet conditions in some of the rooms.

• Pet-Friendly
Laminate flooring is an excellent choice if you have pets. Your floors will have exceptional scratch resistance thus will not have your dog’s or cat’s claw marks. Consider a laminate flooring with about 12mmm thickness if you want to eliminate the click-clack sounds your cat or dog makes when trotting across the room. With hardwood floors, you must treat them by applying a special protective seal, but it only minimizes the risk of scratches.

• Heating Flexibility
If you are thinking of installing radiant heating under the floors, then laminate is definitely what you should consider. Radiant heating and hardwood floors are like mixing electricity and water – the two don’t blend well. Overall, laminate floors are the next best option if you consider hardwood flooring but have limited financial backing.

Hopefully, the comparison we have given has shed some light on why laminate is an excellent choice for your home. We are more than glad to help you learn more about this flooring and are the professionals that will help you install new flooring in your home, hardwood, or laminate.