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How to float a concrete floor

Used to smooth concrete, a floating float with a long handle allows the operator to stay off the floor or slab while working. Concrete professionals commonly use bull floats, but skilled do-it-yourselfers can find them at tool rental outlets. Proper use requires some physical strength and knowledge of concrete.

Pour the concrete into the forms and screed or hit the concrete level with the top of the form. Let the concrete act until water no longer accumulates on the surface.

Pull the float across the top of the concrete. The float levels the concrete and pushes the aggregate down inside the slab, bringing the cement paste to the top. Hold the float so that the leading edge is above the concrete surface to avoid gouging. This requires lifting the long handle of the bull float and can result in lifting from above.

Work the floating bull in both directions if possible. Make several passes on the concrete slab centering the float on the edges of the previous float passes.

Finish the concrete floor the way you want. This can include a smooth trowel finish or a broom finish for added traction.