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How to choose the most suitable floor for the home

When we renovate the house, we have to take some time to choose the floor . Unlike walls that can be painted easily, changing them once installed can become a time-consuming and expensive job. So before choosing the material that will form our floor, it is better to think about whether we need a resistant, elegant or practical covering, especially if there are small children.

Let’s discover the types of flooring on the market

Marble: the elegant material
The marble is elegant material par excellence, but also very expensive both for transportation and for laying. Despite this, if we love this type of floor we can choose between different colors such as classic white, delicate pink, bright green or refined blue.

Resin: resistant and easy to lay material
If we want a new floor, but have a low budget and don’t want to undertake lengthy renovations, resin is the ideal choice. Used mainly in houses by the sea or in the mountains, where we spend little time, in recent years it has also conquered the main houses.

While before only epoxy resin was used because it is waterproof and wear-resistant, in recent years also resin cement has arrived . Waterproof and hygienic, it is ideal in the kitchen because it resists humidity and has different finishes.

If we love the rustic style: terracotta
The terracotta floor is a durable material used mainly in rustic-style homes. In recent years, square tiles have also been added to those of different sizes and with a modern style. Made of clay mixed with water , the properties and color of the terracotta depend on the main material and the fineness of the grinding, but also on the amount of water used. Yellow, pink or red, each floor will have a different appearance thanks to the smooth or grainy composition.

Stoneware: resistant and long lasting
In addition to being a resistant material, stoneware also has the characteristic of imitating different materials such as stone or wood. it allows you to give a different look to every room. Available in tiles of different sizes, the small ones are suitable in the bathroom or kitchen because we can create designs that make the floor a piece of furniture.

Parquet: to have a warm and refined environment
Parquet is a timeless material! Available in different shades, it adapts to both modern and more classic furnishings. Easy to assemble, it has higher costs than other materials.