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Laminate Flooring Vancouver adds a spark to your entire home. It is the BEST OPTION for homeowners, builders and flooring contractors because of its durability and reliability. Exclusive Laminate Flooring Deals @ $1 per sq ft installations. Over 50 designs to choose from, the most  Laminate Flooring in Vancouver. We carry AC/3 , AC/4 & AC/5 laminate flooring. With a large selection of European Laminates.

FloorScore® safe Laminate Flooring from $1.39 a Square Foot

Because of the poison laminate flooring case happened in USA many of our clients are concerned about the quality of the laminate flooring made in China. We have 2~3 clients inquiring about “poison laminate flooring’ and how it safe it is to use your laminate flooring made in China”? Now we could speak loudly to our clients! Yes, it is safe. All of our laminate flooring made in China is strictly supervised and tested by SCS Global Services in USA, No Added Urea Formaldehyde. Please look at the certification issued by SCS for the attachment.
Most probably we are the only one Chinese flooring company in North America that is importing “No added Urea Formaldehyde Laminate flooring” in from China. Though our cost is a little higher than the cheap laminates on the market we can sell in confidence that all of our products are very safe and not over formaldehyde. We can say that this is a great victory for our customers because our very good long term quality control. So buy in confidence Flooring repairing services from Laminate Floor Vancouver.

Engineered Hardwood



We use the BEST and FINEST quality ENGINEERED HARDWOOD and give you a 15 layer coating of the flooring, i.e. to provide you with the best and STRONGEST. The Laminate Flooring Vancouver gives a check to the time.

If you doubt it..!! Move in at 1362 Venables in Vancouver, BC. Our showroom and our staff await you to show the best and authentic masterpieces.

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Laminate Floor Vancouver, is a well known and well established firm, bestowing commendable flooring service Vancouver. Pristine in their jobs for Crown Moulding, Baseboards and Door Casing.

We supply our products to developers, builders, general contractors and DIYs.

We also excel in endowing Laminate Flooring Vancouver with precision and perfection. More and More companies bring into use in our products. We also provide Singular customer services.

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